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Rochester Attic Insulation

We are one of the best attic insulation contractors Rochester, New York has available. As a team of professional and certified contractors, we provide a range of insulation products to choose from. Just give us a call when it comes to attic insulation possibilities, and we'll take care of everything for you. Spray foam, fiberglass batt, cellulose, and loose-fill fiberglass insulation are all options available from us for your attic insulation needs. In our years of working with insulation, we've come to believe that these materials make up the vast majority of installations, and are the best available solutions when it comes to attic insulation.

Attic Insulation vs Roof Insulation

Insulation in your attic and on your roof can be confusing to property owners as there are so many similar factors. Both may appear to be the same at first glance, however, this is not the case. To give a brief explanation, roof insulation is applied on the slope of the roof, between the rafters and the eaves, while attic insulation is laid on the attic's floor and walls. Each of these types of insulation is a separate insulation project and offer their own unique set of benefits when installed professionally. Roof insulation offers cooling insulation for a more bearable summer climate for homes with air conditioning ducts installed in the attic, and, protects against moisture damage when snow accumulates on the roof throughout the winter.

Importance of Attic Insulation

Insulation for your entire home is important, but attic insulation is the first line of defense when you need to keep the air you want inside your home. Comfort and efficiency go hand in hand here. Air leakage reduces efficiency and raises your monthly electricity bills. Aside from the obvious cost savings, attic insulation will ultimately extend your HVAC system's lifespan. By insulating your attic, all of the cracks and openings that cause outside air to enter the home is blocked, keeping pollution outside, all while helping discourage pests from making their nests in your attic. Proper insulation will also ensure rot, mold, or warping of the roof's structure, giving you the added benefit of roof longevity.

Preparation and Energy Approval

Insulation installation is best left to our team of experts because we have the necessary equipment and experience that is why we are called Rochester Insulation Pros. We feel it's safe to say that your attic is mostly used for extra storage. We ensure attic storage and any flooring material, such as plywood, is removed carefully, to expose all of the joists. We also look for air leaks around windows, and any cavities made for wiring in the attic, and if any air leak is discovered, we can professionally seal it using industry-approved materials. Our team also ensures that your insulation site is accurately measured, for the appropriate amount of insulation to be on hand for effective insulation. All of our insulation projects are subject to a professional inspection to ensure that they meet the Department of Energy seal of approval for proper installation.

Why choose Rochester Insulation Pros?

As experienced attic insulation contractors, we take great delight in knowing that we save you money down the road. Along with making sure your insulation is installed effectively and sealing every corner, we also make certain that your home's temperature is maintained and consistent throughout your property. At the end of our insulation installation, having an excellent insulation system is a great way to increase the overall value of your property.

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