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Rochester Blown-In Insulation

If you're looking to improve energy efficiency and comfort in your living space, you should consider blown-in insulation for your Rochester NY home. For walls, attics, and other hard-to-reach places, blown-in insulation is a very popular solution due to the fact that it can be sprayed into even the tightest gaps and angles. Blown-in insulation manufactured from 100% recycled materials is one of the most affordable and efficient solutions.  As a result, it is an excellent choice for homeowners who are considering crawlspace or attic insulation, and it's great for commercial and industrial insulation as well. There's no need to worry about ceiling joists or other structural elements being damaged when you opt for blown-in insulation.

Blown-In Mineral Wool Insulation

Mineral wool insulation has a loose-fill, similar to cellulose insulation. Recycled materials like fine-grain rock and blast furnace slag are used to make it. Mineral wool can be sprayed onto open walls by combining it with a liquid and into wall cavities making it a great all-rounder.  Mineral wool is significantly more fire-resistant than conventional insulating materials. Rock and Glass Mineral Wool both earn the highest Reaction to Fire safety Classification of A1. It is also a great insulation solution for noise pollution. This insulation offers a sound-absorbing open fiber matrix. The exceptional characteristics of mineral wool insulation allow it to be applied on the roof, walls, or floors of buildings to promote an overall tranquil property.

Fiberglass Blown-In Insulation

In addition to fiberglass batts and rolls, there is a blow-in version of Fiberglass insulation. Since the fibers are made up of tiny pieces of glass, this insulation is recommended to be handled with care. Our team has the skills and safety qualifications to provide exceptional fiberglass blown-in installations.  The delicate, compressed strings of fiberglass insulation offer sufficient R-values, but along with mineral wool and rock wool, our contractors take extreme measures in the clean-up process, ensuring every last strand of fiberglass is disposed of.

Cellulose Blown-In Insulation

Cellulose is the ideal material for blow-in insulation. Recycled newspapers are used to make products such as Nu-Wool cellulose insulation. There are no microscopic dust particles that could possibly be harmful to you and your family, shooting blown-in cellulose insulation to the top of the "best blow-in insulation list”. Borate treatments make Nu-Wool safe to install and offer exceptional fire-resistant properties. Our insulation pros are certified to accurately calculate the desired layer thickness for any wall, crawl space, or the attic when it comes to cellulose insulation to guarantee you get the maximum level of efficacy for your money. Additionally, Cellulose Insulation promotes the preservation of heat and has the ability to reduce noise.


Blow-in insulation is a much faster approach to drastically improve your insulation. Using a single hose running from our rigs, our insulation pros can blow a thick layer of loose insulation across the floor of the attic, crawl space, or open walls in just an hour or two. Other than removing complete wall surfaces and replacing them with facing fiberglass batts, blow-in insulation is the most practicable solution for increasing R-values in structural holes. When it comes to insulation products, blow-in cellulose insulation is a popular choice because it is considered to be a completely green solution.

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