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Rochester Fiberglass Insulation

If you need fiberglass insulation for your home in Rochester, we've got you covered. Most buildings use fiberglass insulation, which is made up of ultra-fine glass fibers. Batts and rolls, as well as loose-fill, are the two most common forms.  Manufacturers currently produce medium and high-density fiberglass batt insulation materials with somewhat better R-Values than standard batts. Fiberglass can be installed in empty walls, floors, and ceilings. Stump, Joist, and Beams are used to secure it to the structure. In both residential and commercial insulation projects, fiberglass is used to restrict the transmission of heat and cold and is known to be one of the most cost-effective insulation products available

How is Fiberglass Insulation made?

Fiberglass insulation is a type of plastic that is reinforced with small glass fibers. It is manufactured when molten glass is whirled into fiber-reinforced composites and then covered with a binding agent to form fiberglass insulation. Those components are then cut into smaller pieces for easier transportation. They fall into a moving production line and pile up, creating a tangled mass of fibers. The conveyors move the tangled mass of fiberglass to cure ovens. Following the completion of this process, the batts are cut to the desired length and width dimensions. No additional binding agents are used to create loose-fill fiberglass insulation.

Fiberglass Batt

Batts of fiberglass insulation are long rolls of prefabricated insulation and as explained earlier, made from sand and recycled glass, manufactured into extremely thin layers of tiny glass strands. This is unlike blown-in or spray foam insulation used in Rochester, which is applied in coats that cannot be easily removed. It has the appearance of an extremely thick blanket. To install this type of insulation, our specialists take precise measurements, cut the insulation to form expertly, roll out the insulation, check that all sections are secure, and fasten the insulation in the appropriate space. In contrast to loose-fill insulation, it has shape and structure. Fiberglass batt insulation is easy to install in walls and is available in a variety of thicknesses. Batt fiberglass can cause some itchiness when installing the product, but our team of pros have all safety measurements in place and have years of experience to ensure your installation is done effectively.

Loose-Fill Fiber Glass

Loose-fill fiberglass insulation is neither structured nor in any way shaped, but it is a highly popular and affordable insulation solution for both attics and walls mainly due to its flexibility. When working with loose-fill fiberglass insulation, it is critical to exercise caution and follow all safety protocols. The fact that the insulation is made up of microscopic particles makes it simple to inhale, and extremely dangerous. Rochester Insulation Pros always use suitable industry-approved personal protection equipment for your loose-fill fiberglass insulation installation. After the insulation has been installed, we cover the insulation with a net to prevent movement. Our team is qualified and experienced to use professional blow-in techniques by making use of industrial blowers to ensure that the product is evenly distributed.


Fiberglass is a popular choice for insulation for a variety of reasons. Both the cost and the time it takes to set up are major advantages. Because it is created from sand and recycled glass, fiberglass does not easily catch fire. It will only melt if it comes into direct contact with a flame. A fire can't spread through fiberglass insulation.

newly installed fiberglass insulation in the floor
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