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Rochester Spray Foam Insulation

Looking for spray foam insulation in Rochester NY? Spray foam insulation is an air barrier and insulation that is used to prevent air from entering through walls, floors, ceilings, including the gaps between electrical sockets, windows, and doors. It is a popular choice in most construction companies for insulation barriers in attics, crawl spaces, and sometimes even entire homes. Basically, our team of insulation professionals can assist with spray foam insulation in any spaces that are open and accessible. There are many advantages when it comes to spray foam insulation, have a look at what our team can offer when choosing our spray foam insulation:

Rochester Spray Foam Insulation Advantages

Then, the air seal formed by spray foam will prevent air leaks into and out of your home, resulting in your furnace and air conditioner not having to work as hard as they otherwise would. This will ultimately result in you saving money on your monthly energy expenses. In addition, air sealing your home or commercial building with spray foam insulation will stop condensation from forming. Spray foam maintains its shape and is great at filling any gaps, cracks, and crannies during installation, making it great for insulating attics, walls, floors, and essentially, your entire home. In our vast years as being professional insulation contractors, we have found Spray Foam to never decompress or decline in any way, making this one of the top insulation choices available.

Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Spray-applied open-cell spray foam insulation is water-blown into your home or commercial property's open spaces. Using an open-cell foam will provide an air seal as well as continuous insulation in your building. To fill every little crack and dark corner of a building, open-cell spray foam insulation is light, flexible, and can swell up to 100 times. Open-cell spray foam is generally less expensive but still guarantees exceptional air seal. Open-cell will shift with the framework of your building without crumbling or releasing from the studs holding it in place. When it gets wet, it dries quickly without allowing mold and mildew to develop. Open-cell spray foam also offers some sound reduction, but won't completely block noise pollution.

Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Closed-Cell spray foam is plastic and forms airtight insulation. This is not our number one suggestion for residential properties, as closed-cell spray foam is more commonly used for commercial buildings. Despite the fact that we don't normally suggest closed-cell insulation for homes, there are some cases in which it makes more sense than open cell, especially if the structure is small and accessibility is a problem. One of the major advantages of closed-cell spray foam is the outstanding durability it provides, it is able to withstand extreme weather elements and lasts for decades. It works in the same way as open-cell insulation in that it reduces air leakage where insulation is installed. Closed-cell spray foam has a lower expansion rate than open-cell spray foam, making it an excellent choice for smaller projects.

Our Spray Foam Installation Process

Rochester Insulation Pros can guarantee you that your insulation project will be completed fast and effectively. Before we begin installing your new insulation, our crew will remove any old insulation that is already in place. This step is unnecessary for new construction. As a safety precaution, all furniture will be moved and covered. The spray foam application hose is routed to the insulation area from our insulation trucks, and the spray foam application for your insulation can start immediately. After everything has been sprayed, and insulation installation is done, our team thoroughly cleans the project site, leaving it looking great.

worker demonstrating spray foam insulation in Rochester ny
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